6-Hour Hands-On In-Person for the Certification
2-Hour Self-Instruction Online Webinar with CE




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Periodontal diagnostics and verbiage

12.15 - 01.00 PM

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01.00 - 02.00 PM

Laser procedures and case studies

02.00 - 04.30 PM

Hands on instruction and demonstration

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Lynn Atkinson, RDH


As lasers are becoming a common therapeutic device used in the dental setting, hygienists are looking for training and education on the safe and effective use of lasers This 6-hour in-person course and 2-hour online course is designed to provide the dental hygienist with the education and confidence to implement laser technology into protocols. From this course the attendees will learn laser physics, tissue interactions, soft tissue procedures, suggested settings, documentation, charting, codes, verbiage, techniques, and tips to achieve safe and effective treatment and results for patients. The hands-on portion will allow the attendees the opportunity to demonstrate the use of lasers for several procedures. Laser Bacterial Reduction, Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy, Hemostasis, desensitizing, and treatment of oral lesions will be performed on typodonts and porcine jaws. Videos and case studies will support the course.


  • Understand laser physics and tissue interactions.
  • Understand and demonstrate competency in operating the laser device for hygiene procedures.
  • Utilize and understand the laser safety protocols.
  • Learn how to identify the patients’ specific laser therapy needs.
  • Feel confident in the verbiage and communication with patients.

About Lynn Atkinson :

Lynn Atkinson, RDH has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 30 years. Her passion for utilizing technology while delivering the highest quality of patient care keeps her practicing four days a week as the Clinical Hygiene Director for a high-performing, patient-oriented dental practice in Mission Viejo, California. Lynn lectures and provides clinical, hands-on training to dental professionals on successfully incorporating lasers and other adjunctive therapies into their protocols. For the past
several years, Lynn has been a speaker at numerous conferences across the nation, speaking on a variety of topics. She serves on the Board of Directors at the Acad my of Laser Dentistry as Auxiliary Chair, a member of the ALD Speakers Bureau, Education, Conference, and Testing Committees. Lynn is the honored recipient of the ALD 2022 Leon Goldman Clinical Excellence Award.

**Attendees are encouraged to bring loupes and are welcome to bring their own lasers. Diode lasers, safety glasses, and laser safety inserts, as well as PPE will be provided.


March 2nd,2024

Kansas City, MO

April 6th,2024

Costa Mesa, CA

April 20th,2024

Las Vegas, NV

August 17th,2024

Denver, CO

August 24th,2024

Tucson, AZ

September 14th,2024

San Diego,CA

November 16th,2024

Indianapolis, IN