APC, specializing in dental consulting, helps doctors and their practices in four major areas: production, time management, team management, and periodontal disease. These areas are key building blocks to a successful practice.

To increase production, doctors must increase their case acceptance. Doctors are trained in a new patient experience that builds the trust required for new patients to accept the best treatment.
Once the case has been accepted, the goal is to get the patient healthy. Having a scheduling system which prioritizes patients who need the doctor’s services the most while maximizing the amount of service the doctor can deliver without increasing their clinical time is key.
This includes training doctors in giving performance feedback and reviewing their office policies to make sure they are aligned with the goals and purpose of the practice.
Many offices may be undertreating or miscoding periodontal disease. By following APC guidelines on how to consistently identify, treat, and code periodontal disease, the patient’s health improves and productivity of the hygiene department increases.

After an APC consultation, our clients’ practices have healthier patients, are more profitable, and are less stressful places to work.

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