Advanced Life Support for Dental Hygienists

Advanced Life Support for Dental Hygienists prepares dental hygienists to be the patient safety experts their dentists and patients need them to be.

With more and more hygienists, opening their own practices, practising when the dentist might be out of the office and performing teledentistry and mobile dentistry, hygienists need to be prepared to handle a patient emergency.

Risk-proof your dental practice against inevitable medical emergencies that are increasing in…

  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Diversity

Annual Price For 16 CE Hours:

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ALSDH will prepare your entire team to keep patients safe when that inevitable office emergency occurs, especially when the dentist might not be in the office.

On average, a dental office has an in-office emergency once every four (4) years. When it occurs, it can be life-threatening, so the dental office must be prepared.  Dental practices that experience a fatality due to a mishandled patient emergency typically close permanently within one (1) month of the tragedy.

Risk-proof your career and your office with ALSDH. This training provides all of the critical safety skills you need to become a patient safety expert in your office. Complete it at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

  • You’ll be better prepared to competently handle dental office medical emergencies.
  • You’ll become the catalyst to make the dental office a safer place for patients to undergo treatment.
  • You’ll drive the improvement of the performance of the dental team in the use of emergency equipment, medications, and emergency treatment protocols.
  • With better emergency preparation, you’ll help the dental industry reduce the number and severity of negative emergency outcomes.
  • You’ll gain improved practice security,
  • You’ll elevate your position and stature within the office.
  • As the above benefits accrue, you’ll potentially gain more compensation

ALSDH Provides All of the Critical Safety Skills DHs Need

This online course provides all of the critical safety skills you must have to become a patient safety expert in your office. Complete it at your pace and in the comfort of your home.

ALSDH Equips Your
Hygienists for their
Safety Role

The course prepares you to be the critical link in patient safety and emergency readiness. If you're prepared, then the office is prepared.

ALSDH Provides
Mock Medical
Emergency Drills

You'll get everything you need to practice emergencies before they happen - ensuring you're ready for every possible emergency scenario.

"Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that a medical emergency can in fact happen in my office to one of my patients. I wish I had already taken the ALSDA course and gotten prepared correctly. In the middle of the emergency, I realized that I needed to be the traffic cop in all of the frantic activity. I wasn’t ready for it. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Get ready now."

Begin your journey now by getting the Advance Life Support For Dental Hygienists Training Course.