ZERAMEX is the world’s leading brand of Metal-Free ceramic implants. The demand for ceramic implants has taken off as the esthetic and biologic benefits of natural, white implants has caught up to the simple ease of use demanded by clinicians.

Now, with ZERAMEX XT, surgeons and restorative dentists alike can continue their same modern workflow and offer restorative selections that fit each clinical demand. The XT system is incredibly strong two-part with the abutment and implant locking together and the VICARBO screw hermetically seals the connection.

ZERAMEX is a proven system with over 10 years in the worldwide market and now marketed exclusively in the US by EMERGINNOVA. EMERGINNOVA has become a leader in providing natural and whole body friendly solutions and systems for dental surgery.

We are committed to provide comfort, longevity and esthetics to patients by providing high quality products and continuously searching for emerging innovations to enhance the patients’ ceramic dental implant experience.

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