Understanding Sutures and Flap Designs for General Dentists Webinar Video



This course is under the direction of Thomas G. Wiedemann, MD, PhD, DDS Oral Surgery procedures are an integral part of everyday dental practice. General Dentists perform extractions, periodontal surgery and implant placements that often require specific suturing skills. However, some clinicians may experience challenges such as suture loosing, flap dehiscence, tearing, and the inability to stabilize flaps. Improper suturing can lead to complications and even treatment failures. Whether dentists have been practicing for years or a relatively short period of time mastering suturing and soft tissue management is an essential skill that will predictably improve the final post surgical results. The goal of this hands-on course is to train general dentists in predictable and correct suturing techniques and flap designs. Attendees will learn about different types of suture material and needle configuration and indications for their use. The hands-on portion of the course will include lots of firsthand “over the shoulder” tips, tricks, and instructions. Participants will be confident with different suture types and experience the exercise of the most commonly used suturing techniques and flaps in dental practice. Doctors at any level who are interested in improving their suturing skills will be provided with practical information on how to suture properly and improve surgical treatment outcomes. *This is the intro webinar to be able to attend the full suturing course in person.*


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